The Pet Rendezvous

Overnight Pet Care & Boarding

Leaving town and need someone to care for your pet(s) in your absence? Visiting town and need a place for your dog to stay? We offer a unique boarding experience for your pets here at Pet Rendezvous.

Leaving town and need someone to care for your pet(s) in your absence? 

Doggy Daycare

Maybe Fido has more energy than you, maybe he’s just a social guy, or perhaps you can’t leave him alone without coming home to cosmetic alterations to your furniture? Whatever the reason, if your pooch enjoys being around other dogs, bring him to daycare!

Grooming & Spa

Pet Rendezvous is proud to offer professional grooming services by our experienced groomers.

Grooming is an art, one that requires not only skill, but patience, versatility and breed knowledge.

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Dog Training

We offer a unique, customized approach to training here at Pet Rendezvous.

We are able to meet the needs of a very diverse clientele, ranging from traditional Puppy Kindergarten classes, to Play & Train sessions, and even behavior modification lessons for reactive dogs.

Cat Boarding

Your cat will be sure to enjoy our 4-tier townhouses, designed specifically for kitty comfort!

Complete with a cozy bed and a roomy upper space to observe from, your cat will feel empowered by their boarding environment. Private, individual cuddle sessions can also be added, as requested, for your feline friend!

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Self-Serve Dog Washing

In need of a last minute bathing? Don’t want to make a mess of your own bathroom? That’s why we’re here!

We offer self-service bathing stations for you to bring your furry friend in for a clean-up free bath.