Hello all! We want to be as transparent as possible and let everyone know that there is an upper respiratory infection going around the dogs in the Mount Washington Valley.

Please understand that we do everything in our power to keep Pet Rendezvous as clean and sanitary as possible. However, it is impossible to guarantee 100% prevention. Dogs can be asymptomatic and still transmit this cough. Cases of this can be due to a dog being in the incubation stage of the illness (prior to showing any signs of the cough), as well as dogs who have recently had the disease are capable of transmitting the virus. Because of this, and many other factors, preventing a cough can be very difficult, particularly for pet care facilities, dog parks, and veterinary clinics where dogs congregate.

***Please know that having the Bordetella Vaccine does not ensure that your dog will not get the cough. This upper respiratory has been tested and is NOT Kennel cough***

We will continue to disinfect all areas where dogs congregate and board throughout the day. We also have AirOasis Air Purifiers throughout building. This is a series of ionic air purifiers and surface sanitizers that reduce unwanted contaminants using AHPCO and BiPolar ionization technologies to break down pollutants on a molecular level. This system is designed for pet care facilities.

Aside from the normal cough, most dogs will have normal energy levels and continue to eat regularly. Normally, this will resolve itself within 1-2 weeks, however puppies or dogs with compromised immune systems may need further veterinary treatment, where their vet may prescribe antibiotics and/or something to soothe your pet’s throat. For the typical mild cases, there are many home remedies that owners can use to help remediate their dog’s symptoms, such as honey, over-the-counter cough suppressants, and diffusers to name just a few.

Your dog’s health and well-being is our prime concern and it is very distressing to all of us when your dog is ill. We understand the inconvenience that this poses to your pet and the family, but know that we are doing our best to help reduce the risk of transmitting this in every way possible and hope these instances are kept to a minimal and not widespread.

We are trying to track this as best as possible so please give us a call if your dog develops a cough or if you have any reason for concern with your pet’s health. If your dog presents symptoms, we ask that you keep them home for at least two weeks.

Thank you so much for your understanding and call us at 603-447-3435 with any questions!


The Pet Rendezvous Team

Overnight Pet Care & Boarding

Leaving town and need someone to care for your pet(s) in your absence? Visiting town and need a place for your dog to stay? We offer a unique boarding experience for your pets here at Pet Rendezvous. We don’t have cages here, we have generously sized room enclosures for each pet (or pet siblings) to stay in, where they are comforted with blankets, soothing music, and the whatever you’d like to bring from home such as toys and treats! We understand that it’s not easy leaving your furry friend behind, but rest assured, they will be cared for as if they were our own while they are in our care!

Doggy Daycare

Maybe Fido has more energy than you, maybe he’s just a social guy, or perhaps you can’t leave him alone without coming home to cosmetic alterations to your furniture? Whatever the reason, if your pooch enjoys being around other dogs, bring him to daycare! Daycare is not only great for draining excess energy (which can help assist in reducing some behavioral problems), but it is also great for socialization! We have everything from young puppies to older adult dogs that enjoy daycare, for many different reasons.

Grooming and Spa

Pet Rendezvous is proud to offer professional grooming services by our experienced groomers. Grooming is an art, one that requires not only skill, but patience, versatility and breed knowledge. Whether it’s “just a bath” or your pooch needs a full clip, we are happy to serve you. Your pet’s well-being is paramount to us, so we will be sure to take the time to make it as stress-free as possible for them!

Dog Training

We offer a unique, customized approach to training here at Pet Rendezvous. We are able to meet the needs of a very diverse clientele, ranging from traditional Puppy Kindergarten classes, to Play & Train sessions, and even behavior modification lessons for reactive dogs. Our approach is casual, and informative. It is our goal to give you, the pet owner, a more rounded understanding of your pet and help you to better communicate with them. Whether you need help with the basics, or more complex issues, we’re here to help!

The Pet Rendezvous is a family owned business, and we are sure to treat your pets just like they were our own. We love meeting new pets in the area! Whether you’re a long-time resident or a visitor to the Mount Washington Valley, if you have pets, we’re right up your alley! Give us a call or stop by, we’d be happy to give you a tour!