Zoom Grooming Courses for Pet Owners

Note: After you have bought a class, please email us at [email protected] and we will respond back with the zoom link for the course that was purchased. These are all LIVE classes, so feel free to interrupt and ask questions as Kelly, our groomer of 25 years, educates you on pet grooming.

Breed Specific Grooming Class: [Poodles]

Breed Specific Grooming Class: Poodle – Part One (face, feet, poms) 1 hour $60

Learn how to shave a clean face, feet, and set a pompom tail.

Breed Specific Grooming Class: [Poodle/Doodle & Others]

Poodle/Doodle and Others. Anyone wanting to learn how to do a puppy cut on any breed. 1.5 hours $95

In this class we will go over what a “puppy cut” is and the different options it brings. We will go over how to use comb attachments (snap on combs). How to figure out the lengths of each comb and blade. And how to get the best cut possible. As well as how to shape the head, body and feet. This class will help you figure out what to tell your own groomer you want for a haircut, because the term “puppy cut” means something different to every groomer.

Breed Specific Grooming Class:

The “How To’s” of Ear Plucking, Shaving Pads, Nail trimming/Grinding and Sani trims. 1 hour $75

Learn how to safely pluck ears to avoid blockage and ear infections. We will help you figure out what blades to use for shaving a pets pads and sanitary trim. Lastly, how to safely trim or grind your pets nails.

Breed Specific Grooming Class:

The how to’s of brushing & bathing. 1 hour $75

Learn how to line brush with the correct tools and how to recognize a knot verses a mat. We will also talk about which shampoos and conditioners are best for which coat types.

Breed Specific Grooming Class:

One on One Grooming Class. 1 hour $75

Learn the basic step by step process of how to groom your dog. Bring a pen and paper and ask all your questions!