Doggy Daycare

Social Enrichment for Dogs!!

Does your dog enjoy the company of other dogs? Does your pup have a bit too much energy during your work week, when you have little time? Maybe you need someone to keep an eye on your pooch while you’re not around, because, well, maybe Fido can’t keep himself from getting into the trash or tearing up the carpet? Whatever the reason, we are happy to offer doggy daycare for your pooch!

Dogs are supervised by highly trained and skilled staff members, referred to here as Pack Leaders! Our pack leaders are trained to read your dog’s body language, social cues, and observe their behavior to ensure that they are enjoying themselves while playing safely.

The benefits of doggy daycare are endless. Dogs develop enhanced social skills with both dogs and people while here for daycare! They are also able to expend their excess energy that can often create undesirable behaviors if not exhausted.

We will try dogs in the pack regardless of breed, size, or age. We let your pup lead the way! If they’re interested, we’ll give them a try, as slowly as they need. Understand that every pack day is different. Your dog may find new friends, new challenges, and new fears. We will walk them through every step of these discoveries. That might mean modified pack time, as extra hands could be needed to help your dog maneuver in the pack.

Owners will get an update on how their pup is doing at pick-up. We are honest about their time with us, so everyone knows exactly what is going on!

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What you can expect from your dog’s daycare day:

  • LOTS of interaction with a pack of dogs! Our packs range from 30-40 a day, and the group of dogs varies daily, so make sure you check in with us if your dog needs to start on an easier day, so we can schedule adequately.
  • TWO pack options: one for our smaller, more relaxed, or older friends, and one for the main group, and higher energy dogs
  • TWO pack leaders at all times with them in the large pack, and one in the small pack.
  • Updates from pack leaders as your dog develops in the pack.
  • Reinforcement of as many good behaviors as we can keep up with.

How you can prepare your dog for daycare:

  • Suit up: bring your dog in on whatever helps you control them. We ask that flexis are locked, and will make sure to remove prongs, martingales, etc. If we need to handle your dog a little more in the pack, we may switch out their gear with a flat collar on ours, or keep their harness on. Some damage may occur, so if you think your dog might need a harness on in the group, for extra help, consider putting on an older one, just in case. Same goes for sweatshirts and jackets! Play can get rough, and these may get damaged in the pack, so please pack your pup accordingly!
  • Name recognition! We LOVE when a dog snaps their head around to look at us, every time. It is SO helpful for us, and for your dog, to be able to quickly and easily get their attention. 
  • Recall: make “come” MEAN something to your dog, so we can get them out of rough play at any point. 
  • Crate training: If you’re packing a lunch, it will benefit your dog GREATLY if they’re prepared to be in a crate. We ONLY crate for lunches, so dogs can safely eat independent from the pack. But, crate training can prepare your pup if they ever have to board with us, as well!

Our trainers converse with pack leaders frequently. We have many training options available if you think your pup might need a little extra help in the pack, feel free to choose assisted daycare for your first day, or schedule a consultation with one of our trainers by emailing Jamie or Emilie at [email protected] or [email protected]. We can figure out what package your dog could use to help them succeed in the pack! We may reach out to you to consider training if your dog is struggling in a group setting. We want to make sure EVERYONE is having a good time in the pack.

Our Daycare Dogs Enjoy The Following Services:

  • Supervised play by loving Pack Leaders, trained in dog behavior. Safety and good manners are our first and foremost priority.
  • Two large play yards separate dogs by size, age, and activity level.
  • Indoor playroom is climate controlled and utilized for “nap time”, breaks, and inclement weather.
  • Shock absorbent, non-slip flooring provides a safe, fun, clean environment for your loyal companion.
  • Outdoor play yards are equipped with rubber mulch, which is child-safe, “cushiony”, and more sanitary than other alternatives.
  • Climbing structures and tunnels provide dogs with a diverse experience and help develop their confidence.
  • If the weather’s warm, the pools will be filled!

Group sizes are limited for optimal safety and fun, so we ask that you call at least a day in advance to reserve your pet’s daycare spot!

Daycare Schedule:

Our daycare dogs go out from 7:00am (or whenever they arrive) until 12:00. From 12:00 to 2:00, dogs are in our playroom for nap time and to eat their lunches.

Dogs that eat lunch at home are welcome to bring it to daycare, and will be separated into a crate to eat. This allows the dog time to digest in order to avoid bloat, and keeps any dogs from fighting over food.

At 2:00, dogs go out for an hour. Depending on the weather, they may stay out for the rest of the day until 5:30, or will come back in from 3:00-4:00 for a break in the playroom.

Dogs will get free reign from 3:00-4:00 in the playroom and will go back out for the rest of the night. We like to give dogs breaks in the playroom from our mulch, as new dogs especially can get raw paw from the texture. To learn more about raw paw, canine cough (another common ailment passed between dogs), our mulch, and more, check out our FAQ!

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Daycare Pricing

$ 35 Full Day (8 hours)
  • 2nd Dog - $30
$ 25 Half Day (4 hours)
  • 2nd Dog - $20
$ 7 Hourly

Package Pricing

2-Day Pass

$ 66
Save 5%
  • 2nd Dog - $57

3-Day Pass

$ 94
Save 10%
  • 2nd Dog - $81

5-Day Pass

$ 148
Save 15%
  • 2nd Dog - $127.50

7-Day Pass

$ 196
Save 20%
  • 2nd Dog - $168

10-Day Pass

$ 262
Save 25%
  • 2nd Dog - $225

20-Day Pass

$ 490
Save 30%
  • 2nd Dog - $420

50-Day Pass

$ 1137
Save 35%
  • 2nd Dog - $975