Grooming Breed Menu Prices

Breed Menu (base pricing)* 

*Rates listed below are estimated base rates only. Your price will vary considerably based on the size of your dog, the skin and coat condition, for each breed of dog or cat.

Additional charge for de-matting is estimated at the time of the appointment. Please discuss any of your special needs or concerns with us, we are here for you. By booking in advance, receive $5.00 off your future salon appointment (3 months or less). A clean dog is a happy dog!

Both you and your dog will feel better when your dog is clean and fluffy year-round.

If your breed is not on this list, call us for its pricing.

Alaskan Malamute$100+Irish Terrier$70
American Eskimo$60Jack Russell$45
American Stafford Terrier$60Keeshond$85
Australian Shepherd $65Komondor$140
Basset$65Labrador Retriever$60
Beagle$55Lhasa Apso$60
Bearded Collie$75Maltese$55
Greyhound$55Miniature Schnauzer$65
Bernese Mountain Dog$80Newfoundland$140
Bichon Frise$60Norwegian Elkhound$80
Blood Hound$75Norwich Terrier$55
Border Collie$65Old English Sheepdog$100
Border Terrier$55Papillion$45
Boston Terrier$40Pekingese$65
Bouvier des Flandres$100Pointers$55
Brittany$55Poodle, Miniature$65
Brussels Griffon$55Poodle, Standard Shave$80
Bull Mastiff$80Poodle, Toy$60
Bull Terrier$50Portuguese WaterDog$80
Cairn Terrier$55Rottweiler$70
Cavalier King Charles$50Samoyed $90
Chesapeake Bay$70Schipperke$45
Chihuahua$40Scottish Terrier$60
Chinese Char-Pei$55Shetland Sheepdog$65
Chow Chow$100Shiba Inu$60
Cocker Spaniel Shave$65Shih Tzu$60
Great Pyrenees$100Siberian Husky$95
Collie $75Silky Terrier$55
Corgi$55Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier$95
Dachshund$35St. Bernard Smooth$95
Great Dane$75Yorkshire Terrier$55
Doberman Pinscher$60West Highland White Terrier$65
English Mastiff$85Welsh Terrier$65
English Setter$70Gordon Setter$75
English Springer Spaniel$70Goldendoodle$85
Fox Terrier$45Weimaraner$60
German Shepard$70Vizsla$50
Irish Setter$70Standard Schnauzer$80
Giant Schnauzer$95Tibetan Terrier$60
Golden Retriever$70Tibetan Spaniel$55


Cats Short Hair

$ 55+

Medium Hair Cats

$ 60+

Long Hair Cats

$ 65+

Shave Down Cats

$ 75+